Prerolls are essentially premade joints. Cannabis producers, cultivators, and retailers now offer branded prerolls, much to users’ delight. They generally consist of a wrap or paper, ground cannabis, and a filter or crutch lodged firmly at the preroll’s base. Some are sold in individual tubes, while others are packaged together as multi-packs. As varied as the packaging may be, preroll sizing can run from the length of a pinky finger to the length of a smartphone. Prerolls offer consumers a relatively inexpensive, disposable, all-in-one experience that caters to individuals and groups alike

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Blue Dream

Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in Australia, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream, which ease you gently into a calm euphoria. Some Blue Dream phenotypes express a more indica-like look and feel, but the sativa-leaning variety remains most prevalent.

Blueberry Cheese Cake Pre Roll

Blueberry Cheese Cake Pre Roll Blueberry Cheese Cake Pre Roll helps relief it’s users from, Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Lack of Appetite,


Boss OG is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) that was created as a phenotype of the infamous OG Kush. With its celebrity heritage, you know you’re in for one crazy ride with Boss OG. This bud takes the classic effects of OG Kush and balances them out perfectly, for a high that hits both mind and body with a super high potency thanks to its 26-27% average THC level. The Boss OG high starts with cerebral effects, inching its way into your brain before taking hold with a lifted sense of euphoria. You’ll feel a tingly onset of creative energy that won’t leave your brain at all. Rather, your body will start to settle into a state of pure relaxation as your mind soars to new heights. With these hard-hitting effects and its high THC level, Boss OG is often chosen to treat conditions such as appetite loss or nausea, muscle spasms, chronic stress, inflammation, and chronic pain.

Ganja Gold/Blue Tarantula

Ganja Gold/Blue Tarantula Ganja Gold/Blue Tarantula Part of our award winning Tarantula pre-roll line, the Blue Tarantula is known for its

Ganja Gold/Green Tarantula

Ganja Gold/Green Tarantula Ganja Gold/Green Tarantula Indica/Sativa/Hybrid Another integral member of our Tarantula pre-roll line, the Green tarantula is known for its

Ganja Gold/Red Tarantula

  Ganja Gold/Red Tarantula Ganja Gold/Red Tarantula Ganja Gold/Red Tarantula This utility grade Ganja Gold/Red Tarantula shares the same DNA of

Hybrid Preroll

Hybrid Preroll Crafthouse prerolls are hand-crafted in small batches using single-strain flower. Sourcing from heritage farmers across California who share

Hybrid Preroll 14-Pack

Hybrid Preroll 14-Pack Gear up for good times with Pacific Stone preroll packs. Each preroll is hand packed with 100%

Lemon Jack

Lemon Jack, also commonly known as Lemon Herer, is a Sativa strain (70% Sativa / 30% Indica). A cross between Lemon Kush and Jack Herer, this strain is coming in between 13% and 18% in THC level. Available in 0.5g, 1g | Singles or 5-Packs.


MOONROCK CLEAR PREROLLS MOONROCK CLEAR PREROLLS Dr. Zodiak’s Black Cherry Moonrock starts with premium indica flower that is infused with

Purple Ayahuasca Per Roll

Buy Purple Ayahuasca Per Roll Online Ayahuasca Purple is a unique cannabis strain that is incredibly popular among seasoned consumers.

Sativa Preroll 7-Pack

Buy Sativa Preroll 7-Pack Online Sativa Preroll 7-Pack 5 grams of fine, 100% Sativa cannabis rolled to perfection in unbleached